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Soil Life
Soil Amendment or Conditioner

A Natural - Occurring Texas Mineral

SOIL-LIFE IS NOT A FERTILIZER - Soil-Life promotes root and plant development by rendering the soil more favorable to growth.  Soil-Life mulches, conditions and aerates the soil.  Soil-Life remains in the soil indefinitely.  It will not blow away, break down or dissolve.

Soil-Life can be used for:

  • Golf Courses - Building and top dressing greens and tees.
  • Nurseries and Greenhouses - Planting seeds, bulbs and cuttings of flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Homes - Planting and growing lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Athletic Fields - Constructing, rebuilding and maintaining turf and  absorbing surplus moisture.

SOIL-LIFE  Soil Amendment or Conditioner

  • Increases moisture absorption, absorbs its weight in water.
  • Retains moisture for plant use.
  • Improves soil-air-oxygen exchange.
  • Reduces compaction of soil.
  • Keeps soil loose and friable.
  • Accelerates drainage of water.
  • Promotes deep rooting.
  • Prevents "burn-out" of plants in dry weather.
  • Is sterile and weed-seed free.

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